Chuck is nevertheless determined to act upon his dream 'premonitions' about a fatal attempt on the Zambian president, who comes attend a concert, and a killer tooth. Chuck frisks Kowambe, and he jokes the would have preferred Sarah do it. After strange dreams, even involving Shaw, block Chuck's Intersect control, the general takes him out of duty and sens him for therapy to CIA psychiatrist Dr. Leo Dreyfus, who diagnoses unacceptable dream compromising. The tooth in the title was an info-impacted one housed in the mouth of a baddie who accompanied a visiting dignitary (played by the under-used Welcome Back Kotter’ s Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs). His perverted smile makes Chuck flash, telling him there was Ring intel in a fake tooth in Dr. Kowambe's mouth. Chuck lays him out flat to everyone's shock, including Sarah. He grabs the tooth … The Tooth” got off to a seemingly similar start by showing us Chuck and Sarah watching Spies Like Us on the couch and making kissy faces at each other. “Chuck Vs.

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