Make a start point and work your way around the sidewalk (or wherever you are making the obstacle course) by drawing different activities. A really fun way to create an interactive experience with all your awesome sidewalk chalk is to make an obstacle course. From math activities, obstacle courses, and letter activities. The key part when planning out How to Create a Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course is writing in large, clear writing and providing enough space for participants to complete the activities. ... Or use Sidewalk Chalk and Chalk Tools like the Blender and Slip Grip. Chalk obstacle course. Large groups can play as teams. For children, an obstacle course is the ultimate thrill ride as it is fun and exciting, with just a hint of danger. Play At Home: Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course. Obstacle Course 1. For a bigger group, consider making 2 of the exact same obstacle courses next to each other and have relay races!

Use your own creativity and keep in mind the age of your children while you are setting up your course.
Once T got home, we actually filmed this on April 19, 2020, so forgive us for posting so late. It is equally fun to watch passers-by complete the obstacle course right outside your window. Participants: This activity is intended for independent play or 2 or more participants/players. Obstacle Course Get your kids moving with your very own chalk art “obstacle” course. Sidewalk Obstacle Course With Chalk This sidewalk obstacle course will not only keep kids active, but also will do a lot of good things to their brain, their memory and even sleeping habits. The first course, which was created with " Beauty and the Beast " imagery, encouraged kids to skip by chalk … The possibilities are endless!
How to Create a Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course April 1, 2020 There have been so many fun movements for communities to come together in a safe, socially distanced way such as craft walks, neighborhood sing-alongs and of course birthday celebration car caravans. Families are coming up with creative ways to entertain themselves while quarantined at home. If the weather is not ideal, then you can try using tape indoors. Whether you are learning letters, drawing artwork, or just drawing a hopscotch board – sidewalk chalk can keep your kiddos busy for hours! You can plan some movements like: Hopping, spinning, walking a line, stomping, running. Use only sidewalk chalk and a little imagination to create a gross motor obstacle course right in your driveway with an idea from Erin!.

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