Because of these dangers of soy, I'm of the firm view that tofu, soy milk, and soy protein isolate should be eaten only rarely, if at all. Continued. Dietary estrogens in the form of soy foods were found to have the potential to disrupt the endocrine system with the effects in women similar to taking the breast cancer drug tamoxifen (Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 1995 Jan;208(1):51-9). 88.

Dangers of Soy in Children’s Diets. THE SAFEST WAY TO EAT SOY The only safe way to eat soy is in the form of tempeh, which is fermented, ensuring that many of soy's anti-nutrients are reduced or neutralised. Soy: The Dark Side of America's Favorite "Health" Food. Fashionable vegan diets can be damaging to children's health, nutritionists will warn today. Dangers of Soy. Meals and snacks should have plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. For several decades, soy was promoted as the miracle food that will feed the world while at the same time prevent and cure diseases. Any informed vegan would realize that soy milk and apple juice will not provide sufficient nutrients for a baby or adult for that matter. Soy based baby foods and formulas are becoming more common. Protein is used as a source of energy, especially when carbohydrates and fats are at insufficient levels in the diet. The Dangers of Following Fad Diets: Recognizing the Top 3 Signs.

Eating soy foods starting at an early age (such as those found in traditional Asian diets) may be why women from some countries find greater benefit from soy foods than others.

Vegan diets can also increase the risk of vitamin A deficiency. When soy milk is incorporated into their children's diet, parents need to be extra vigilant about monitoring them for signs of allergic reaction or unusual symptoms. Although soy milk is often touted as being a healthy alternative to cow's milk, it may pose serious health consequences to children. By - December 15, 2011. Children’s Diets and the Dangers of Soy. The research is promising, but how soy is consumed can make all the difference. [14] However, the overall evidence on equol and cancer risk is mixed in American, European, and Asian women. Soy products are now widely available in a plethora of items, particularly health food. About 15% of infants in the US, or roughly 750,000 children, consume soy-based formula each year."

Promoting soy foods as health foods while ignoring the dangers of soy and soy derivatives should be considered a crime against humanity. The Dangers of Soy Are Real--and Much Worse Than You Might Think. Dangers of Soy #4 Soy milk has become an accepted part of mainstream diet plans and is easily found in a variety of flavors. If you think this statement is too extreme, read this … While I feel like you address a lot of valid concerns regarding a lack of nutrients in a vegan diet, I find the article you linked regarding the death of infants from consuming vegan diets a little one sided. Dangers of Soy #3. They can be incorporated into children’s diets through family diets. Lack of Protein in Children. 0. But Dianne Gregg, author of "The Hidden Dangers of Soy" is sounding the alarm about soy in your diet, in your animal feed and about soy infant formulas. "A few reports from the late 1970s and early 1980s suggested that a soy-based diet impaired infants' immune functions. This substance, though important for all people, is especially necessary for developing and growing bodies. Soy products are now widely available in a plethora of items, particularly health food.

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