Almost: The bag is almost full. An adjective used to talk about the quantity of things is known as Adjective of Quantity. Failry ; Any is used in questions and sentences that are grammatically positive but are meant to be negative.

However it can only be used as an attributive adjective (one that stands before the noun it qualifies); it cannot be used as a predicative adjective (after the verb to be or similar verbs). List of Adjectives of Quantity. Many ← Adjective of Quantity Students ← Noun As You Can see in this Example Many Is the Adjective of Quantity And Students Are Noun And if we say I have Students this is also right but in order to show the quantity or number we have used the word "Many". There was no milk in the jug. (How much/ Many - number) There are three different sections within adjectives of number; they are - (1) Definite Number Adjective - Those adjectives which clearly denote an … ; Differences between "much" and "many"

They had enough plates. Even: The traffic jams get even worse during the summer. Examples : She ate the whole apple. Adverb of quantity Example; A few: There are a few problems with the new program. Enough as an adjective. Adjectives are words that describe the kind of noun, its quality, amount, quantity, state etc in the sentence. He spent all his money. He gave me some money. Words such as ‘some’, ‘little’, ‘whole’, ‘all’, ‘entire’, ’enough’ and ‘half’ are all adjectives of quantity. Adjective of Quantity Understanding the Uses of Quantity Adjectives Adjectives of quantity show how much of a thing is meant; as — some, little, enough, no, much . He gave me five pencils. A little: She knows a little Spanish.

There is enough water in the canal. Adjectives of quantity show how much of a thing is meant; as — some, little, enough, no, much. Do not place comma in between the noun and adjective. An adjective of quantity answers the question how much. It can be used in both affirmative and negative sentences. Words that use numbers are called adjectives of number and come within the adjectives of quantity category. He gave all his pens. Examples are: some, little, much, enough, sufficient, insufficient, all, whole, great, any.

Below is the list of commonly used adjectives of quantity: Any: is generally used in the negative and interrogative kind of sentences. if you have any problem understading it so take one more example Which is When enough stands alone following the verb to be, or other verbs, it is being used as a pronoun. Adjective of Quantity. Used as a quantifier adjective, enough is not really a problem word. All students are welcome. These adjective words answer the question “How much of it?” Observe the following sentences. TOO + ADJECTIVE (NOT) ENOUGH + ADJECTIVE (NOT) ENOUGH + NOUN: We use TOO before ADJECTIVES to express that the amount or degree of something is more than desirable, necessary, acceptable or sensible:: ENOUGH is used after ADJECTIVES to express that a quantity is as much as you need to achieve a particular purpose: ENOUGH is used in front of a NOUN to express that a quantity is … Adjective of Quantity Understanding the Uses of Quantity Adjectives. The word "enough" can be used as a quantifier when it is placed before any noun, to indicate the quantity required or necessary. Enough: They are smart enough to skip a class. Test your knowledge by finding out the adjectives of quantity in the quiz that follows. Adjectives of quantity help us in describing nouns especially when they do not require the exact number. Entirely It was entirely his fault. These quantity telling words tell us the amount of noun but does not tell the exact number. Examples of Adjectives of Quantity.

When two or more adjectives come together, we sometimes put and before the last one and sometimes not. Grammar Index : 2 Adjective showing the quantity of nouns or pronouns is called Adjective of Quantity. He has little knowledge. Here are some examples of adjectives of quantity-I took some notebooks. Adjectives are used in the sentence to describe nouns to distinguish from other nouns. I ate some rice.

Adjectives of quantity list: some, any, many, much, little, most, no, none, enough, all, substantial, whole, too Difference between "any" and "some" Some is used in positive sentences, for countable and uncountable nouns.

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