Found footage films produced in Australia. Found Footage Critic is the world's largest found footage film database. Directed by Samuel Bartlett, Matt Doran. Home; ... 2017 No Comments 507 followers. Found Footage Critic is the world's largest found footage film database. Welcome to the most complete catalog of found footage films and found footage horror. Found footage films produced in Australia.

We’re proud to say that our catalog is representative of found footage films made in every country around the world! Check back often as … 6 User Avg.

With Matt Doran, Catherine Farrah, Lisa Fineberg, Alison Gallagher. Found Footage Films Database. Found Footage ( 24 ) IMDb 4.7 1h 3min 2017 16+ Found footage recovered by Australian police of a serial killer who documented the stalking and murder of his victims on film. Live footage found by police of a serial …

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