Namely, the Polop virus, Coxsackie virus, Feline coronavirus, Human coronavirus, SARS virus and Influenza virus.

Standalone Display Panel.

PCI Hair Dryer. Smart phones. Responsible Party: SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430-2135 TEL: 1-800-BE-SHARP Declaration of Conformity SHARP AIR PURIFIER FP-P40CX This ISM device complies with Canadian ICES-001 Responsible Party: SHARP ELECTRONICS OF CANADA LTD. Sharp Air Purifiers contain a Plasmacluster Ion Generator that releases positive and negative ions into the air. … Solutions & Services. Plasmacluster ® ion technology is sometimes mistaken as the same technology found in an ionizer, a type of air purifier frequently found in the marketplace today.

Sharp air purifiers have the added advantage of reducing static electricity. In 2004, Sharp corporation announced worldwide that the Plasmacluster Ions Technology is able to deactivate a number of viruses. Ultrasonic Washer. Sharp Air Purifiers combine Active Plasmacluster Technology, and Passive Filtration. The Plasmacluster Ions diffuse through the room, surrounding airborne allergens, bacteria, mould and viruses, converting hydrogen molecules in their surface proteins into water. Vacuum Cleaner. Digital A3 MFPs. Microwave Oven. Highly concentrated levels of Plasmacluster ions have been proven to purify air, eliminate odors, moisten facial skin, and reduce static electricity. Services. Ionizers add a negative charge to airborne particles, which makes them stick to furniture, walls and floors. Integrated Touch Panel. Sharp Air Purifiers combine patented Plasmacluster ... virus, mould and dust mite growth! Washing Machine. The combination of these two technologies eliminates a variety of pollutants, along with the worry of health issues from polluted air, to provide physical protection and peace of mind.

Air Purifier. SHARP AIR PURIFIER FP-P40CX This device complies with Part 18 of FCC rules. Refrigerator.

Please refer to the below press release for more information. Please read this manual carefully be-fore using the air purifier. Other allergens, bacteria and even black mould are included. Office Solutions. Dehumidifier. Video Wall Display. "We are now working with better atmosphere after the installation of the SHARP air purifiers with Plasmacluster technology and experiencing a great difference as quality of air is being purified through the units." This proprietary Sharp technology purifies air, and it has been proven safe to humans no matter the ion concentration. Healsio & Oven. Plasmacluster ions keep people and the air around them healthy. SHARP AIR PURIFIER KC-860U This ISM device complies with Canadian ICES-001 Responsible Party: SHARP ELECTRONICS OF CANADA LTD. 335 Britannia Road East Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1W9 Canada TEL: (905) 568-7140 Thank you for purchasing this SHARP Air Pu-rifier.

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