Goku Black VS Gorr the God Butcher | Wine Tastings :iconp5-monaplz: Throughout mythology, the relationship between mankind and the gods has been a difficult one. He is an alien from an unnamed planet, harbouring an intense hatred for gods, due to false beliefs and hopes that the gods would reach and protect him and his family when needed. I'd say Gorr. Gorr the God Butcher is the main antagonist of the 2013 comic series Thor: God of Thunder.

He was taught to trust in the gods, but they never answered his prayers. Gorr The God Butcher was born on a planet with no name, almost every day on the brink of starvation. Upon acquiring the symbiote known as All-Black, Gorr formed his own … 10/10 Jiren. +Superfuerza:Gorr tiene una fuerza comparable a la de Thor o superior,el era más fuerte que el Thor joven,el actual Thor y el Odin Thor al mismo tiempo por lo que su fuerza podría llegar a ser incalculable y a derrotado Team Gorr The God Butcher vs Team Thor # Team Gorr The God Butcher It looks like that because the cover is from Marvel.com (I read most comics online, don't have time to go out and buy them) so the cover might not be the best resolution, I can't find the actual physical comic cover on short notice but you can tell because the art style is the same, … I think RKT is on that new-new level, something like Thought Robot Superman that is meant to be a once-off plot device and not a real character for comparison.

Gorr served as the main villain for the first 11 issues of Thor: God of Thunder. Gorr vs Rune King Thor Gotta love a trend. Years later he married and fathered some children.

Without his sword, Gorr‘s main offense is gone. Gorr the God Butcher was the main antagonist of the comic series, Thor: God of Thunder. _____ Jun 15th, 2013 09:24 PM illadelph aka Rakim Illa Gender: Male Location: Learning from Dick Gregory. I know that Gorr beat up King Thor + current Thor + past Thor, but Mangog beat up Odin + Thor and RKT literally snapped him out of existence. The gods would wipe out countless humans with little reason, mankind would either worship them out of fear or attempt to fight back, and this cycle would seemingly … Gorr The God Butcher Gorr bullied 3 Thor's at the same time. However, most of them died. The series establishes Gorr as a once ordinary alien driven to madness by the deaths of his wife and children.

@Clint @Z_Man change your votes! Gorr…

Gorr MIGHT take a win here and there, as three Thor’s are no slouch either, with one of them being a godfather, but still, UBW Jiren demolishes Gorr 9/10 R2: Horrible stomp for Jiren.

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