Probably only in tier two decks with mage losing vital cards like dragon’s fury and frost lich Jaina. This gave him an odd dichotomy with Medivh, whose name means "keeper of secrets" in Thalassian. Khadgar charged up for minutes before he aoe froze a small battlefield. Hearthstone mage hero. For Khadgar, however, it'd very likely feel clunkier. Lovely work! Jaina has the most powerful staff in the WoW verse. 151 5 1K (1 Today) By LoastToast | ... to bad Khadgar never let it came true? I will note that the potential of Janalai + Khadgar is disgustingly strong, but with the loss of Baku, its much harder to pull of Janalai. He was an apprentice to the Guardian Medivh, until he helped defeat his possessed master. Arcan-Anzas Professional Digital Artist. This one is great! Reply.

Moonlit Butterfly123. Mage is a class of Hero in the Hearthstone digital card game. Jaina was already an incredibly powerful mage before Theramore, and after it she was infused with greater arcane powers. Mountain Giant: Keep only agaisnt slow decks. Jaina Build Guide “I'm here to help.” ... Jaina's excellent waveclear makes her particularly effective on Maps where the Objective requires the rapid destruction of several small enemies, or where quick rotations are expected. Afterwards, he was at least out of breath. Dec 22, 2017. Giving the CD to just the spell makes it so Khadgar can't react as fast … FelixDrake. Born three years prior to the First War, Jaina Proudmoore was the middle child of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, ruler of Kul Tiras, and his wife Katherine.Jaina was loved by her family and, from an early age, was filled with the joy of learning and the duties of a young lady, despite House Proudmoore's military background. Reply With Quote.

It’s like a paladin using the Ashbringer vs one with out it but more so. Jaina has the most powerful staff in the WoW verse. For further information go to the Official WoW Wiki. Best possible rendition of this idea I could imagine. For Wild, things get even worse: Khadgar into Marin the Fox, Khadgar into Spiteful Summoner, Khadgar into Molten Reflection, Frost Lich Jaina into Khadgar for x2 Water Elementals for every Hero Power kill, Khadgar into Barnes or Saronite Chain Gang... and of course, our old friends, the Deathrattle minions: Carnivorous Cube and Devilsaur Egg. He was the apprentice for the Last Guardian, Medivh, and went on to become one of the greatest heroes of the Alliance during the Second War and as a commander of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Khadgar was released on April 14, 2016, in Patch, as part of an iOS-only "Apps For Earth" promotion, with 100% of proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund.. Due to coordination issues, the accompanying patch was released on iOS prior to other platforms, resulting in some problems for those trying to play with the hero. Khadgar into Power of Creation, or Turn 10 Kalecgos followed by turn 11 Khadgar + Conjurer's Calling x 2 will be a common strat, I'm willing to bet. ... Aren't Jaina's physical attacks op? Khadgar is certainly strong, and was in line to become Guardian (which he rejected), but I don't think he is quite as powerful as her atm. But no, we’ve got to hear that from Jaina.

Reply. Khadgar knew it would be dangerous, but expected it to be simple enough in theory: go through the Dark Portal (again), shut the Dark Portal (again). Each Blizzard franchise has special key art at BlizzCon 2017, and the Blizzard Entertainment Twitter account just revealed Warcraft's key art will be of Jaina Proudmoore. Pyromaniac and Messenger Raven: Keeping these helps to secure the board and provides card draw.

In a contrived and silly 1vs1 duel situation it is kind of up in the air; Jaina is not the most powerful mage in the world, she is the most powerful -human female- mage, It is quite possible that Khadgar and Rommath, Thalyssra and Oculeth could be more powerful, we don’t know. Never Keep : Khadgar, Arcane Intellect, Conjurer's Calling, Arcane Keysmith and high cost cards like Blizzard, Flamestrike, Astromancer, Power of Creation etc.

... Jaina Proudmoore vs Khadgar Sean12345. It’s like a paladin using the Ashbringer vs one with out it but more so.

Instead, it's quite possible the expedition just made everything worse, and his life would be simpler if he could like the Alliance Commander a little bit less. Khadgar Dreadlord. Khadgar is going to be an absolute nightmare.

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