Only low-mass stars with 8 solar masses or less will turn into red giants. Depending on the mass of the star, its lifetime can range from a few million years for the most massive to trillions of years for the least massive, which is considerably longer than the age of the universe.The table shows the lifetimes of stars as a function of their masses. Red giants and white dwarfs are both stages in the life cycle of stars that are anywhere from half the size of the Earth's sun to 10 times as large. From lower right to upper left you see: dark clouds and a giant gaseous pillar with embryo stars at the tip to circumstellar disks around young stars to main sequence stars in a cluster at center to a supergiant with a ring and bipolar outflow at upper left of center near the end of the life cycle. Prev NEXT . The very largest stars in our galaxy, all red supergiants, are about 1,500 times the size of our home star.
The life cycle for a particular star depends on its size. A red giant is much larger than a main sequence star. Stage 7: Red Giant or Supergiant

Red supergiant stars don’t last long; typically only a few hundred thousand years, maybe up to a million. One of the Biggest Explosions Known Diagram showing the life cycle of a star

The Sun is at this stable phase in its life.

This is the remnant of the supernova Tycho Brahe observed in 1572. The life cycle of a star depends primarily on its mass with _____ stars burning their fuel more quickly. Both red giants and white dwarfs occur at the end of the star's life, and they are relatively tame in comparison to what some larger stars do when they die. Extremely massive supergiants can generate high enough pressure and temperature to fuse elements even heavier than carbon and oxygen. by Laurie L. Dove.

Only low-mass stars with 8 solar masses or less will turn into red giants. A shell around the core will rise to such a temperature as to ignite further hydrogen fusion in that region of the star. Hot, massive blue giant stars spend far less time on the main sequence compared to small yellow stars like our sun - approximately 10 million years as opposed to 10 billion.

For nuclear fusion in stars to begin, the elements must undergo extremely high _____ and pressures.

Life Cycle of a Giant Star. As the star swells larger and larger, it eventually becomes a red supergiant . How a Supernova Works. Most stars of this type are between 200 and 800 times the radius of our Sun . Antares is a red supergiant star that is nearing the end of its life.

The helium produced falls onto the core where it can be used as fuel. A good example of a red supergiant is the star Betelgeuse, in the constellation Orion. Elements heavier than hydrogen are scattered throughout the universe when a massive star explodes as a _____.

Our own sun will turn into a red giant star, expand and engulf the inner planets, possibly even Earth.

A red giant is much larger than a main sequence star. Follow a star's life cycle and learn how a star changes from a red giant to a supernova to a black hole or neutron star.

Near the end of the red supergiant phase, a high mass star will develop several "onion layers" of heavier and heavier elements.

This time in the life of a Red Giant is very short compared to the main sequence lifetime, only a few million years. They are extremely hot and bright, with surface temperatures of between 20,000 - … Stellar evolution is the process by which a star changes over the course of time. Red giant star. A red giant star is a dying star in the last stages of stellar evolution. The image is a colorized composite of low-energy x-rays (red) showing debris and high-energy x-rays (blue) showing the … Blue supergiants are supergiant stars (class I) of spectral type O.

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