0 0 0 Login to reply the answers Post He might want something more and when a guy asks "are you seeing someone else" it means like if your like going out with another guy! But SEEING them means that you see them frequently in situations that aren’t typically considered DATES, for instance, you go to Trader Joe’s together because you … Like, “dating” is you’re going on DATES. When you have a crush on someone, whether he's your best guy friend, a friend of a friend, or a guy that you always see around at parties and event but have never really spoken to, it can feel like you're going to go crazy if … Maybe you’re paranoid because you’ve been cheated on before. When you stop texting to see what happens, you have nothing to lose. Many people struggle to determine exactly what the phrase means, while forgetting that the most important part of sharing your life with someone else is having open lines of communication. Ghosting, disappearing on someone without a trace (or goodbye text or email or phone call), is sometimes the default way to end things with someone you’ve been seeing … I am a guy, but I think men have become extra weak these days….less assertive, indecisive and hyper emotional.

You’ve been dating a man for a few weeks, and while you think it’s going okay, you find yourself looking for signs he is talking to someone else. You’re afraid to get too emotionally invested in this situation until you’re sure that he’s interested in you and you alone. The thing is you can’t read his mind and you can’t spy on him… your only choice is to figure out how to keep yourself stable and stop worrying. They have to ask you out, set a date, pick a place and show up. we get on well and have banter and a laugh, but then at the same time i find him a bit annoying and i'm pretty sure he finds me a bit annoying too!

When a guy asks you if you're dating anyone it usually means that they want to know if you're available or not if you say yes than the guy will probably just go "okay" and walk away.

But it’s almost like he has a radar or something, because recently he has been asking me if I’m seeing other people.

Mmmmm I’m inclined to agree that “seeing someone” is the more “serious” phrasing. As a guy, if I am a woman, I would be a little harsh with such guys, who act unsure of who they are. Maybe you’re paranoid because you’ve been cheated on before. You’ve been dating a man for a few weeks, and while you think it’s going okay, you find yourself looking for signs he is talking to someone else. Sometimes it can seem totally impossible to figure out if a guy likes you. Women will think ‘Does he like me, is he right for me, how will our babies look’? He’s thinking of asking you out and wants to know if you have a boyfriend. He wants to ensure that you are available before putting out the real effort in talking to you over a sustained period of time. Reason #1: It frees up your conscience to see other people too I hesitated to write this first one because you shouldn’t feel guilty about dating other people regardless of his dating status.

Home › Forums › Dating and Sex Advice › When he asks if you're seeing someone. If you try to know you’ll complicate things.

This question will plague his mind once he’s into a girl.

More importantly, if he is seeing someone else, why I’d recommend that you see other people too!

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