It implies that every individual should be conscious of his own good and develop his power of action to realize it. The immediate aim of this state-controlled system of education … Individual aims and social aims are the most important aims of education. Each man was born not for himself, but for the state. Philosophy of Education: There is a separate branch of philosophy which is called philosophy of education. 4. He said that education should bring about the whole-some development which enables an individual to face all problems of life in all spheres and solve them with great courage and conviction. essentialism tree . The aim of education should be to teach truth rather than beauty, to understand the present practical life. Within the epistemological frame that focuses on the nature of knowledge and how we come to know, there are four major educational philosophies, each related to one or more of the general or world philosophies just discussed. It is not accretion from without. Aims and objectives of Nigerian education a year ago 89980 views by Kelechi Odimayo If you were wondering what the aims and objectives of Nigerian education are, why do Nigerians go to school and what do they want to achieve by being educated, we will answer this question in this article. Children are born “void†of much knowledge, in that they are illiterate and ignorant of many things that are considered the norms and achievements of a society in which they have been placed. Article shared by. Complete Living Aim of Education: The eminent naturalistic philosopher, educationist and biologist of the nineteenth century Herbert Spencer expounded complete living aim of education. You will have a chance to examine how these schools of thought can help you define your personal educational philosophy. 4. Whether the educational aims be based on specific religion, social, moral, scientific basis. A philosophy of education is a statement (or set of statements) that identifies and clarifies the beliefs, values and understandings of an individual or group with respect to education. His educational philosophy is born out of his philosophy i. e Naturalism there are some characteristics which are as under. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. And how these aims can be achieved? According to nature, Men, Things. philosophy of education based on the belief that a core curriculum exists that everyone in the United States should learn. According to them aims are specific to each individual and his perspectives. Section III - Philosophical Perspectives in Education Part 3.

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